C o r p o r a t e   F i t o u t s

Companies large and small require seamless delivery while continuing to do business.

We ask the right questions to understand the operation and deliver the changes with as little disruption as possible.


Our client list includes numerous blue chip organisations however our niche is working with the small to medium sized corporate customers where we deliver our most cost effective & functional environments. The opportunity to add value and the scope of these jobs is what we are passionate about.


Stone Real Estate


Stone is a great example. Throughout 2014 and continuing into 2019, we have produced over 19 new offices in Sydney and beyond. 


In each Stone project we have been involved from design to handover, consistently working to meet budget constraints without compromising quality or design intent.


In working on Stone offices we have provided budgets and design advice at concept stage and successfully gone on to tender against other builders for the jobs and won all jobs. This success is based not only on our input but also on our competitive price.

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